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With a ScruffGuard, you can handle and dose small animals gently, whilst avoiding bites and needlestick injuries. A ScruffGuard can be used to administer substances by subcutaneous, intraperitoneal and intramuscular routes. It can be used to implant microchips subcutaneously for identification purposes. A ScruffGuard is particularly helpful for trainees who are learning to handle small animals for the first time.

ScruffGuards are available in disposable and reusable variants. Disposable ScruffGuards are currently only available in Size 9, which is suited for adult mice (20-38g). Sizes 6 to 10 are available as part of the Reusable Range. See the Size Guide table below.

ScruffGuard Gallery

Disposable Size 9

Size Guide (Reusables)

SizeWeight Range Snout To Base of Tail
6< 14g55-65mm
7< 14g65-75mm

ScruffGuard Usage

Step 1

Place the mouse on a large, clean sponge.

Step 2

Lower ScruffGuard onto the mouse. Apply a light amount of pressure and you will find that the fur of the mouse will protrude through the middle slot of the ScruffGuard. The sponge ensures that the mouse remains unharmed.

* ScruffGuards now come in White (Reusable) or Cream (Disposable)

Step 3a

Scruff the mouse and dose subcutaneously.

* ScruffGuards now come in White (Reusable) or Cream (Disposable)


Step 3b

Scruff the mouse and dose intraperitoneally.

* ScruffGuards now come in White (Reusable) or Cream (Disposable)

Video Demonstration

Additional Information

MaterialDisposable: Bagasse (Sugar Cane Pulp)
Reusable: Nylon.
Available SizesDisposable: Size 9
Reusable: Size 6 – 10
AutoclaveThe ScruffGuard can be autoclaved at a maximum of 121 degrees celsius.
SterilityNon-sterile. However, the ScruffGuard may be autoclaved.
WeightDisposable: 6g
Reusable: 20g
ColourDisposable: Cream
Reusable: White
Material DatasheetReusable:
Material Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Bagasse Info
Material Safety Data Sheet

Ready to buy? Click here for details on how to purchase ScruffGuards.